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The hair lifecycle

  • Lifespan of a hair in years

  • Up to 100 hair strands are lost each day

  • There can be as many as 150,000 hairs on a human head

Type 1 A, B, C

Straight to wavy hair. Straighter hair has a round cross-sectional area. This hair type can require washing more regularly than other types of hair to avoid a build-up of oils.

Type 2 A, B, C

Wavy to curly hair. Type 2 hair is often described as a wavy ’S’ shape with a round cross-sectional area, but is flatter than type 1 hair. This hair type also requires regular washing as oil can progress down the hair strand more easily.

Type 3 A, B, C

 Curly hair with tighter ringlets. Curly hair can suffer from dryness due to a lack of sebum across the hair shaft. It’s important not to use excessive heat when styling, and retaining as much natural oil as possible is crucial.

Type 4 A, B, C

Curly to coily hair. Type 4 hair has a flatter, more ellipsoid shape to form tight coils. These can tangle more easily, and be fragile when exposed to excessive heat. Type 4 hair can also be washed less regularly.

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Line drawing of type 1 hair