Dyson cylinder vacuums

Ideas that set Dyson cylinder vacuums apart

Dyson cylinder vacuum

The only vacuum that never loses suction.

All other vacuums lose suction without maintenance. Bags need to be changed, filters need to be washed or replaced.

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Dyson cylinder vacuum

Other vacuums may claim No loss of suction

Other vacuums base their No Loss of Suction claims on IEC 60312-1 clause 5.9. This is a suction power test that can be passed, even before a bin is full. This means even though they may claim No Loss of Suction, the vacuum may actually lose suction after sucking up as little as 50g of dust.

In order to reflect real usage, Dyson have gone further to prove DC54 will never lose suction in its lifetime. Based on the same test, DC54 maintains constant suction after sucking up 10 years’ worth of test dust without any filter maintenance.

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Dyson Cinetic cyclones

Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology

Ultra-efficient cyclones with oscillating tips extract microscopic particles. The cyclones are so efficient at dust separation that there’s no filter that needs washing or replacing. And there’s no bag, so there are no extra costs.


Expels cleaner air than any other

Dyson's upright and cylinder range is approved for allergy sufferers. Our vacuums have the highest efficiency cyclones and are engineered to be airtight.

Mould spore

Captures allergens

Other vacuums often have inefficient cyclones, which means that microscopic particles like mould spores and pollen make their way through to the filter. If the machine isn’t properly sealed, these allergens and other microscopic particles escape back into the home.

Dyson vacuums have the most efficient cyclones, and are engineered to be airtight. What goes into the vacuum goes into the clear bin – not back into the home.

Dyson motorised cleaner head

Brush bars that can remove fine dust from hard floors – gently

In addition to having nylon bristles for carpet, our brush bars have a row of anti-static carbon fibre filaments. These remove the fine dust that gets stuck to hard floors.

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Comparison of dust pick up against a conventional vacuum

Conductive carbon fibre filaments

The brush bars of most vacuums only contain nylon bristles. While these loosen dirt from carpets, they’re less effective on hard floors, where fine dust can be left behind.

Dyson brush bars are different. They have a row of anti-static carbon fibre filaments, as well as nylon bristles. The filaments prevent the build up of the static charge that holds dust to the floor, allowing it to be sucked up into the vacuum.

All Dyson cylinder vacuums have:

  • DC47 Hygienic bin emptying

    Hygienic bin emptying

    Just push the button to release the dirt.

  • Extra tools

    All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home.

  • A collection of filters and other vacuum cleaner parts.

    No extra costs

    Dyson vacuums don’t use bags and have washable lifetime filters. There aren’t any extra costs.

  • 5 year guarantee

    5 year guarantee

    All Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums come with a 5 year guarantee – parts and labour.

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